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Build instructions

Make sure that Go 1.20+ is installed. Beware, that currently building with Go 1.22 is impossible unless noyggdrasil tag is set.

Go can be installed from packages or build manually:


pkg install go

Debian, Ubuntu

apt install golang

$ [fetch|wget]
$ [fetch|wget]{asc,sig}
[verify signature]
$ xz -d < nncp-8.10.0.tar.xz | tar xf -
$ cd nncp-8.10.0
[optionally edit config]
$ bin/build

After that you should get various bin/nncp-* binaries and bin/hjson-cli command (only for your convenience, not necessary installation). For example, documentation for nncp-bundle command can be get with info doc/ -n nncp-bundle.

config file contains some environment variables that are respected during installation: $PREFIX, $DESTDIR, $GO, $MAKEINFO, $PLANTUML, $PREFIX, $SENDMAIL, $CFGPATH, $SPOOLPATH, $LOGPATH, $BINDIR, $INFODIR, $DOCDIR.

There is install script for binaries and info-documentation installation:

# PREFIX=/usr/local ./install

NNCP depends on library, that solely relies on OS-specific mechanisms. There is possibility that you have either broken or unsupported ones. You can still build NNCP with -tags nofsnotify build option, to skip fsnotify library usage at all:

$ GO_CFLAGS="-tags nofsnotify" bin/build

You can also disable Yggdrasil support with -tags noyggdrasil.