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Usual nncp-xfer command requires filesystem it can operate on. That presumes random access media storage usage, like hard drives, USB flash drives and similar. But media like CD-ROM and especially tape drives are sequential by nature. You can prepare intermediate directory for recording to CD-ROM disc/tape, but that requires additional storage and is inconvenient.

Bundles, created with nncp-bundle command are convenient alternative to ordinary nncp-xfer. Bundle is just a collection of encrypted packets, stream of packets. It could be sequentially streamed for recording and digested back.

Technically bundle is valid POSIX.1-2001 pax archive with directory/files hierarchy identical to that is used in nncp-xfer: NNCP/RECIPIENT/SENDER/PACKET. So bundle can also be created by manual tar-ing of nncp-xfer resulting directory.

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