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$ nncp-xfer [options] [-node NODE] [-mkdir] [-keep] [-rx|-tx] DIR

Search for directory in DIR containing inbound packets for us and move them to local spool directory. Also search for known neighbours directories and move locally queued outbound packets to them. This command is used for offline packets transmission.

If -mkdir option is specified, then outbound neighbour(s) directories will be created. This is useful for the first time usage, when storage device does not have any directories tree.

If -keep option is specified, then keep copied files, do not remove them.

-rx option tells only to move inbound packets addressed to us. -tx option tells exactly the opposite: move only outbound packets.

nncp-cfgmin could be useful for creating stripped minimalistic configuration file version without any private keys.

DIR directory has the following structure: RECIPIENT/SENDER/PACKET, where RECIPIENT is Base32 encoded destination node, SENDER is Base32 encoded sender node.

Also look for nncp-bundle, especially if you deal with CD-ROM and tape drives.