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Prepared tarballs

You can obtain releases source code prepared tarballs from the links below. Do not forget to check tarball integrity! Also there are mirrors of this website.

Tarballs include all necessary required libraries:

LibraryLicence 3-Clause 3-Clause GPLv3 3-Clause 3-Clause LGPLv3 GPLv3 3-Clause 3-Clause 3-Clause 3-Clause 3-Clause

And additional ones for Yggdrasil support:

LibraryLicence 3-Clause 2.0 LGPLv3 3-Clause 2.0
VersionDateSizeTarballSHA256 checksum
8.7.22022-03-131673 KiBmeta4 link sigA0EEC9B0 F33059DE 33F13084 599805D0 F4A1C8C3 79E925BA CFE8DC94 D1DDC23D
8.7.12022-03-091669 KiBmeta4 link sigCEB4D197 AF5A8D9E 93B749D5 C0F50B53 E6746A31 8AF47B36 4BF5CB32 3D6C4EBD
8.7.02022-03-041670 KiBmeta4 link sigED488FFD 7D88028B DD64386B EC4AD911 6F7DA088 1FB1E628 493D2F2B BBD1E868
8.6.02022-03-021670 KiBmeta4 link sigAE16F0A0 9C1B7D1D A3767E1C 0F410D9C 29ACCAE6 32A448A9 55DB4A0F 15BF838F
8.5.02022-01-261685 KiBmeta4 link sigE8850D27 70C4FA74 5CF9B9A9 0CEEE5D6 05E50FA5 031A0813 49844C15 3E7BBFF4
8.4.02022-01-251683 KiBmeta4 link sigCCC410CF 677359CA B14DA645 7985C1B9 7A69FEC9 41402DA3 59E414E6 08E8121B
8.3.02022-01-231682 KiBmeta4 link sig6C14887A 9EF686D6 112F2096 ED1DA56B AABE5FEB 4BA92573 89ACC6B2 6D0A23EA
8.2.02022-01-201669 KiBmeta4 link sig59B0D6E2 48D30289 29395B63 5D4E0CF1 14BC4DE0 F4F9F105 2E049284 980EEADD
8.1.02022-01-161339 KiBmeta4 link sig777536DF 775E76D6 6B05645D 6F440494 D39DFCBD 7E52DE02 5AF919A3 94CF53EC
8.0.22021-11-101204 KiBmeta4 link sig84C6FB6C 0764DF11 5C51EE42 4EEF4B9C 84775522 4350A6CC 484F3AB3 C779B9D3
8.0.12021-11-091206 KiBmeta4 link sig0F849065 19EDB1BF E3262B35 077CD6F6 F365A897 2BA7D369 4864F3CE 4CA4C5A0
8.0.02021-11-081203 KiBmeta4 link sig376BE15D 956AE171 2D04B607 15D53B17 62CDFA72 86AA9957 2D8E4641 4DA987F0
7.7.02021-09-111180 KiBmeta4 link sigA692A2FC 963CB0A4 5BFD5B7F 497A26D0 BD738630 4F9FA3CD 526DC69F CA3929EE
7.6.02021-08-081153 KiBmeta4 link sig00852E80 70415154 197A5555 DDAE636E 6E3940EC DD53D39E A69E5FF1 531BA4C6
7.5.12021-08-051147 KiBmeta4 link sigB093A745 C2EB9F5F E8341ED2 A6F1EE75 701B2646 B5701BAA F4E760D9 32CDD91A
7.5.02021-07-281151 KiBmeta4 link sig14D92DC5 B8164EE4 4926D7AF 46DA9F23 0C8F6207 350CC747 6DB5CDFB 8E7C3FE4
7.4.02021-07-191153 KiBmeta4 link sigF7499FBF B0658054 F2732722 D54FE31E A0F105FD 9970B5BB 6413A9CC 065CB0EB
7.3.22021-07-121141 KiBmeta4 link sig65F6A230 04189D3F 307D160C AE97F99A 620DDA23 52821652 15DDC946 F6CC4B7F
7.3.12021-07-111142 KiBmeta4 link sig8611DC6A 3EAC7FFA A6A1C688 2073AB4D A4E93D36 C864F050 C5F880FE 10FCFC46
7.3.02021-07-101141 KiBmeta4 link sigCB34487A 6D7EF507 04D4B8F9 5A16EF16 CC841D3D 7F5423B1 EBB7979D 1062EB4E
7.2.12021-07-091139 KiBmeta4 link sig6462BA44 7DB30234 DA6DFB4B B5BF890F 6CA2CC36 697B3AE7 E6F86B86 94AC97D6
7.2.02021-07-081136 KiBmeta4 link sig70DBB97B 86C9B4B6 E35CFF02 B8C9FAE2 4323EEA5 C56403A2 66CBA268 D82F5077
7.1.12021-07-061132 KiBmeta4 link sigB741C9E3 EC3DB342 893FE081 888C40E4 B94E4298 E5C1A8E0 BA4D179C C239CCCA
7.1.02021-07-041142 KiBmeta4 link sigD3BC010F 5D86BB59 E07A2A84 2FF9C73B 4C2F780B 807EF25C E4BC477C E40764A6
7.0.02021-06-301123 KiBmeta4 link sigD4D28E9A CF40FE12 68BDE134 9CD36076 282395BE 70094EFB 0DB75CE8 C32EA664
6.6.02021-06-261041 KiBmeta4 link sig73DB666F A5C30282 770516B2 F39F1240 74117B45 A9F4B484 0361861A 183577F1
6.5.02021-05-301041 KiBmeta4 link sig241D2AA7 27275CCF 86F06797 1AA8B3B8 D625C85C 4279DFDE 560216E3 38670B9A
6.4.02021-04-221042 KiBmeta4 link sig3D0D1156 D69AF698 D402663C F84E51CC 3D40A50D 300E34D1 105A6F75 32E4B99B
6.3.02021-04-141042 KiBmeta4 link sig76C26A11 E3423540 BB7B8470 820176A3 5FCD0493 B21A872E C223EB94 43BA466B
6.2.12021-03-261038 KiBmeta4 link sigD9682D95 4D68025A F5B07516 258D9FFC DA29A4D7 E7E1635B E0C219A1 C5DDB067
6.2.02021-03-071038 KiBmeta4 link sig272CEDED 69FFF3B3 78767297 3199481A C610B753 BB82C22E ECEC45FC 05DA40FE
6.1.02021-02-241040 KiBmeta4 link sig083A533F 7D021206 9AE07F9F D6CD22E3 C5BE09E8 30F2C9C4 97D97CF6 14E5413F
6.0.02021-01-231028 KiBmeta4 link sig42FE8AA5 4520B3A1 ABB50D66 1BBBA6A1 41CE4E74 9B4816B0 D4C6845D 67465916
5.6.02021-01-171024 KiBmeta4 link sig1DC83F05 F14A3C3B 95820046 C60B170E B8C8936F 142A5B9A 1E943E6F 4CEFBDE3
5.5.12021-01-111165 KiBmeta4 link sigE7DEED7A D3BA696C F64359C0 DC0A93AD 109950C5 6660D028 5FD7BB57 120C9CF7
5.5.02021-01-071161 KiBmeta4 link sigEF0CBEE1 520BE97D A210794C 172BF444 E6F75DB2 84F5BD05 66919193 326AED77
5.4.12020-09-281143 KiBmeta4 link sigA02D0C9B 51533DF8 115C17E1 02F8C485 9F7B805A 64290CDF 79151BA9 E627FA63
5.3.32020-01-231116 KiBmeta4 link sig707CD852 4E424C24 BCB22D6B 4BC81709 71C42A5F E0062B93 A8D1DD9D 7FB365D0
5.3.22019-12-281118 KiBmeta4 link sig6E2D1B3C CA0DD462 A6F5F8DE 5CB8DE15 C3D33C74 238A2C52 373C7BD6 A126A834
5.3.12019-12-251117 KiBmeta4 link sig23A52819 F0395A6A E05E4176 017DCA3C 4A20A023 EEADA6A3 3168E58D BEE34A5B
5.3.02019-12-221112 KiBmeta4 link sig9F093115 506D00E7 2E41ACD6 3F283172 8430E1C2 8BA4A941 FFA3C65D 89AD4ED0
5.2.12019-12-151109 KiBmeta4 link sig983D1A8A 4398C281 76356AE1 C5541124 B0755555 D115063B D1388F85 9C4A6B3E
5.2.02019-12-141109 KiBmeta4 link sigFFC55467 8B4ECCA6 92D90F42 ACC0286D 209E054E EA1CBF87 0307003E CF219610
5.1.22019-12-131106 KiBmeta4 link sig52B2043B 1B22D20F C44698EC AFE5FF46 F99B4DD5 2C392D4D 25FE1580 993263B3
5.1.12019-12-011103 KiBmeta4 link sigB9537678 E5B549BA 6FA0D20D 41B2D4A9 4ED31F2C AB9FAF63 A388D95E 7662A93F
5.1.02019-11-241103 KiBmeta4 link sig6F5B74EC 952EAFEC 2A787463 CE1E808E CC990F03 D46F28E9 A89BAB55 5A2C2214
5.0.02019-11-151099 KiBmeta4 link sig3696D7EE B0783E91 87E5EEF4 EFC35235 10452353 7C51FA4C 9BD3CBEE A22678B3
4.12019-05-011227 KiBmeta4 link sig29AEC53D EC914906 D7C47194 0955A32E 2BF470E6 9B8E09D3 AF3B62D8 CC8E541E
4.02019-04-281227 KiBmeta4 link sigEAFA6272 22E355FC EB772A90 FC6DEA8E AE1F1695 3F48A4A3 57ADA0B4 FF918452
3.42018-06-101154 KiBmeta4 link sig9796C4CB 7B670FC7 5FEED3CD 467CA556 B230387D 935B09BB 4B19FD57 FD17FFBA
3.32018-06-021152 KiBmeta4 link sig1F8FA9B4 6125D8A9 0608298B A1ED87E1 12DB2D8B 81C766DE F4DFE191 C7B1BFC2
3.22018-05-271147 KiBmeta4 link sigBE76802F 1E273D1D E91F0648 A7CB23C5 989F5390 A36F2D0C FD873046 51B9141E
3.12018-02-181145 KiBmeta4 link sigB9344516 4230B58E 8AAADAA2 066F37F2 493CCB71 B025126B BCAD8FAD 6535149F
3.02017-12-30993 KiBmeta4 link sig248B2257 2F576E79 A19672E9 B82EB649 18FC95A9 194408C0 67EA4DD3 0468286D
2.02017-12-02986 KiBmeta4 link sigBEF31B13 FB25381E A511FB77 067798AB 27409238 BDF5600F E2EADB29 E5E78996
1.02017-12-02987 KiBmeta4 link sig68BF7803 CD25F59A 56D9FD6C 695002B5 BFBAF591 8A6583F4 3139FC28 CA1AB4AF
0.122017-10-08978 KiBmeta4 link sig707B4005 97753B29 73A5F3E5 DAB51B92 21CC296D 690EF4BC ADE93E0D 2595A5F2
0.112017-08-211031 KiBmeta4 link sigD0F73C3B ADBF6B8B 13641A61 4D34F65F 20AF4C84 90894331 BF1F1609 2D65E719
0.102017-07-04949 KiBmeta4 link sigDCE7C762 2F9281EB 282F1A67 5CA6500E 854F2DEC D60F3264 07872B91 4F4E6FA0
0.92017-05-17942 KiBmeta4 link sig8D0765A5 F9D81086 7E1F5AB4 52A9464D C5035CCB 4E09A29A 9C9A4934 1A72AB2C
0.82017-04-30932 KiBmeta4 link sig9BD607D5 C5551857 B7E9277D 0E857936 1DB7353A E0F1556E EA9B1D91 8305B184
0.72017-04-02783 KiBmeta4 link sigD3407323 F89296DD 743FA764 51964B43 794E61BE 0E1D2DD4 ABD02042 B94FFC4F
0.62017-02-05746 KiBmeta4 link sigDCFEE3F9 F669AC28 563C50DB 67BB8B43 0CFF4AB6 EC770ACE B5378D0B B40C0656
0.52017-01-19743 KiBmeta4 link sigD98F9149 5A6D6726 4C659640 1AD7F400 271A58CE 5D8D4AC5 5D1CF934 59BEDFA6
0.42017-01-17741 KiBmeta4 link sig93577327 B3DEBFE3 A80BEB0D 8325B2E6 0939EC55 4DBB05F3 4CA34B99 229C3722
0.32017-01-17741 KiBmeta4 link sig6E76EC5E 6B575C65 BF2D6388 870F2A1C 417D63E4 1628CAA1 BB499D0D 0634473B
0.22017-01-17740 KiBmeta4 link sig00BEAC5A 0C4083B0 42E3152B ACA6FF20 12768B82 CE24D716 8E04279C ECE14DB7
0.12017-01-10720 KiBmeta4 link sig8F71D65B 70865EBF FE802CDF A5C14D00 A9FD6559 FD722E60 5D97E82C 5E2412C2

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