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Main NNCP website is hosted on two geographically distant servers located in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg regions, Russian Federation.

It can be authenticated with certificate, through the DANE record, that in turn can be authenticated with DNSCurve-secured trust anchors. Both and DNSCurve trust anchors are signed with 12AD 3268 9C66 0D42 6967 FD75 CB82 0563 2107 AD8A OpenPGP public key.

Also there is Yggdrasil accessible address:

Its creation announcement. Mirror of the whole NNCP’s website with all tarballs, made by John Goerzen. It uses Let’s Encrypt certificate authority, so can be more easily accessible for some people. If you have got NNCP-peering with node, then you can also freq the tarballs from it.