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Nearly all commands have the following common options:


Path to configuration file. May be overridden by $NNCPCFG environment variable. If file file is an encrypted eblob, then ask for passphrase to decrypt it first.


Print debug messages. Normally this option should not be used.


Minimal required resulting packet size, in KiBs. For example if you send 2 KiB file and set -minsize 4, then resulting packet will be 4 KiB (containing file itself and some junk).


Set desired outgoing packet niceness level.


Set desired reply packet niceness level. Only freq and exec packets look at that niceness level.


Override via configuration option for destination node. Specified nodes must be separated with comma: NODE1,NODE2. With -via - you can disable relaying at all.


Override path to spool directory. May be specified by $NNCPSPOOL environment variable.


Override path to logfile. May be specified by $NNCPLOG environment variable.


Print only errors, omit simple informational messages. In any case those messages are logged, so you can reread them using nncp-log command.

-progress, -noprogress

Either force progress showing, or disable it.


Print version information.


Print warranty information (no warranty).

All commands respect $TMPDIR environment variable.

If you set $NNCPNOSYNC=1, then all fsync operations will be skipped. That is dangerous option, but if there there are abilities to rollback possibly corrupted state to some stable snapshot, then disabled fsync can give considerable increase in performance.

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