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NNCP (Node to Node copy) is a collection of utilities simplifying secure store-and-forward files, mail and command exchanging.

See also this page on russian.

This utilities are intended to help build up small size (dozens of nodes) ad-hoc friend-to-friend (F2F) statically routed darknet delay-tolerant networks for fire-and-forget secure reliable files, file requests, Internet mail and commands transmission. All packets are integrity checked, end-to-end encrypted, explicitly authenticated by known participants public keys. Onion encryption is applied to relayed packets. Each node acts both as a client and server, can use push and poll behaviour model. Also there is multicasting areas support.

Out-of-box offline sneakernet/floppynet, dead drops, sequential and append-only CD-ROM/tape storages, air-gapped computers support. But online TCP daemon with full-duplex resumable data transmission exists.

Look for possible use cases!

NNCP is copylefted free software licenced under GNU GPLv3. It should work on all POSIX-compatible systems. Easy integration with existing SMTP servers. Single Hjson configuration file.

Why create yet another store-and-forward solution when UUCP, FTN and even SMTP exists? Look in comparison section! Simplicity, cryptographic security, sneakernet compatibility and easy integration with current SMTP servers are the reasons.

There are also articles about its usage outside this website:

Interested? Download it!