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$ nncp-call [options]
    [-onlinedeadline INT]
    [-maxonlinetime INT]
    [-pkts PKT,PKT,...]
    [-rxrate INT]
    [-txrate INT]
    [-mcd-wait INT]

Call (connect to) specified NODE and run synchronization protocol with the daemon on the remote side. Normally this command could be run any time you wish to either check for incoming packets, or to send out queued ones. Synchronization protocol allows resuming and bidirectional packets transfer.

If -rx option is specified then only inbound packets transmission is performed. If -tx option is specified, then only outbound transmission is performed.

-onlinedeadline overrides onlinedeadline. -maxonlinetime overrides maxonlinetime. -rxrate/-txrate override rxrate/txrate.

-list option allows you to list packets of remote node, without any transmission. You can specify what packets your want to download, by specifying -pkts option with comma-separated list of packets identifiers.

Each NODE can contain several uniquely identified ADDResses in configuration file. If you do not specify the exact one, then all will be tried until the first success. Optionally you can force FORCEADDR address usage, instead of addresses taken from configuration file. You can specify host:port, |some command and yggdrasil:PUB;PRV;PEER[,…] formats.

If you specify -ucspi option, then it is assumed that you run nncp-call command under some UCSPI-TCP compatible utility, that provides read/write channels through 6/7 file descriptors.

-mcd-wait options tells to wait up to specified number of seconds for the MultiCast Discovery packet from the specified NODE. When the packet is received, initiate a call.

-autotoss option runs tosser on node’s spool every second during the call. All -autotoss-* options is the same as in nncp-toss command.

Partly downloaded packets are stored in .part files. By default all downloaded files are sequentially checksummed in the background, stripping .part extension if is successful. If -nock option is set, then no checksumming is done, renaming fully downloaded files to .nock extension. Pay attention that checksumming can be time consuming and connection could be lost during that check, so remote node won’t be notified that the file is finished. If you run nncp-check -nock, that will checksum files and strip the .nock extension, then repeated call to remote node will notify about packet’s completion. Also it will be notified if tossing created seen/ file. Read more about -nock option.

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